Collaborative Child Specialists

What is a Child Specialist?

A Child Specialist (CS) is a registered mental health professional (graduate level trained as a clinical counsellor or social worker) with specialized training in working with children and youth and in Collaborative Divorce.

Why have a Child Specialist on Your Collaborative Team?

One of the hallmarks of the Collaborative Divorce Process is the effort to assist families in avoiding high conflict and its negative impact on children. A CS adds incredible value to the team as your child’s advocate. Parents can often benefit from hearing about the needs and concerns of their child/children through a neutral party like a CS.

What is the Role of a Child Specialist?

A Child Specialist understands child development and the context of this within divorcing/separating families. A CS will have information about the challenges and responses of children experiencing divorce. They can create a safe, neutral, contained, child friendly environment to assist your child/children to express their story, needs and concerns.
A CS is focused exclusively on the children and will meet with them individually to listen and provide tools for navigating the change and transition. Following the meeting(s) the CS will report back to you and your Collaborative Team and provide feedback on what is helping or not helping. The CS can attend team meetings to assist everyone in remaining focused on the best interests and well being of the child/children.

The CS can inform the team in co creating a co parenting plan.

In many ways, the Child Specialist is your child’s advocate in the process.

Follow this link for more information on the role of the Child Specialist in a Collaborative Divorce.

For a preview of the signed participation agreement you would make with a child specialist please click here.


Collaborative Child Specialists

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