Solution Focused

Just as the name suggests, Solution Focused Therapy, an evidence-based brief therapy approach, is a goal driven talk therapy oriented to the present and future. In using Solution Focused Therapy a therapist would work collaboratively with an individual or family to discuss goals, generate solutions to problems and attempt to bring about reasonable and realistic relief from these problems quickly.

SFT focuses upon goal-setting, particularly what your life will be like once the current problems are removed or reduced to a manageable level. An important aspect to SFT is the belief that you already have the tools necessary to manage current problems and with the guidance of your counsellors, you will explore past unique exceptions to the problem(s) and ways to make these exceptions more common.

The belief behind Solution Focused Therapy is that individuals have often experienced success, or periods of relief from intense problems and have within themselves the strengths, resources and the capacity to develop solutions and make change. Unlike other approaches that may focus primarily on the problems, SFT will help you to unlock and fortify your existing strengths to move your life toward your preferred future.


Solution Focused Therapy

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